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Ursula Knaeusel's interest in cooking began at the age of three under the tutelage of her grandmother in Halle/Saale, Germany. "Grandma's philosophy was, if you behave, you can help in the kitchen." This self-made woman escaped from East Germany in 1952 with little more than optimism and a love of cooking, traits that continue to serve her well. Ursula acquired her cooking expertise through studying, cooking and teaching all over Europe, the United States and Central America.

Ursula is the founder and operator of Ursula's Cooking School, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia. From a mere five students on opening day in 1971, the school soon grew to become the nation's largest independent cooking school. Ursula has since taught over 500 students every quarter. First Lady Rosalynn Carter was one of her former students.

Ursula's students are accustomed to hearing her profess entusiastically "Cooking is my joy, not my work." Since 1973, Ursula has never repeated a recipe and says, "Food is like fashion, fashion changes and so does food." Her love and knowledge of cooking are evident in her national public television series 'Cooking with Ursula'. In this companion cookbook, Ursula shares even more with her special hints, tricks, bonus and do-ahead recipes. All given with a sense of style and charm that is unique and truly Ursula. So enjoy the book and prepare these dishes with confidence and fun. Remember as Ursula always says, "You are the boss in the kitchen!"

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